Resurfacing Specialists  - Professional Bathtub Refinishing & Repair
Bathtub, Tile, Cabinet, & Countertop Refinishing makes your bathrooms and kitchen look like new with professional refinishing services. When bathtubs and tile start to show their age, or you've grown tired of that 70's look, owners are often tempted to replace them altogether. We're proud to provide professional refinishing solutions that can bring tubs, tile, and counter-tops back to life and make them look like new! This is a far more economical alternative to tub, tile and countertop replace-ment, offering savings of as much as 80%. From the complete renovation of tub and tile to restoration of kitchen cabinets to professional countertop reglazing and refinishing, we can do it all in a quick, inexpensive way. Please take a moment to explore our web site and learn more about other great refinishing services, such as our Decorative Concrete Services, and consider calling us today at (205)-861-6811.
We proudly serve Alabama & Eastern MS.
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